What Is “CNS” Coinex Name Service ? How To Create NFT Domain Names

CNS stands for Coinex Name Service. CNS is an open, distributed naming service and domain name protocol built on the Coinex Smart Chain blockchain. Having almost the same functionality as its predecessor, ENS (Ethereum Name Service), cns allows users to create domain names in nft form on the coinex smart chain blockchain, which can later be used for decentralized websites or simplified wallet addresses.

If you are an ENS user on an ethereum network such as unstopabledomain, then you are no stranger to the cns coinex smart chain, because basically cns has almost the same purpose and use as ens ethereum.

CNS allows you to buy and manage a domain name that is on the coinex smart chain blockchain, on the other hand cns is similar to dns (domain name service) which functions to replace an ip address into a domain name that is easy to remember and can be accessed by users using browsers.


First CNS on Coinex Smart Chain Network

Neutronium Naming Service is the first blockchain-based domain naming protocol on the coinex smart chain network, the platform is built using smart contracts running on top of the coinex smart chain blockchain, each cns domain created on the platform is issued a CRC-721 token, also known as token non-fungible (NFT). NFT is a unique, indivisible token and is often used to represent a unique digital item.

By using CRC-721, it allows users to manage and own domain names in crypto form that are stored securely in wallets, and allow for wider use on other platforms. For now you can link cns domains to a url link, and can sell domains on any nft marketplace that supports the coinex smart chain network.


How to Make/Buy a CNS Domain ?

Currently, there is only 1 cns domain service on the coinex smart chain network, namely the Netronium Naming Service, and only one domain extension, namely .neu. In the future I’m sure there will be more domain extensions on the platform, and there will be other cns platforms similar to neutronium.

  • Create CET Wallet & Buy CET Coin

Prepare a wallet, you can use a chrome/firefox or android metamask wallet. after creating a metamask wallet, you have to set the rpc wallet to rpc blockchain coinex smart chain.

RPC URL : https://rpc.coinex.net
Network Name : Coinex Smart Chain
ChainID : 52
Symbol : CET
Block Explorer : https://www.coinex.net

Prepare CET coins, CET coins are native coins of the coinex smart chain blockchain, just like eth on ethereum, cet is used to pay for all transactions on the blockchain. To get coin cet you can buy on Coinex Exchange. After you have a cet coin, immediately send it to your metamask wallet, we will use the CET coin to pay for the minting process or buy an nft cns domain on the neutronium platform

  • Login to https://neutroniumcc.org/cns/

Log in to the neutronium cns site, login using the metamask wallet. On the platform you can buy a domain name with a .neu extension, the price of a domain name depends on the number of characters.

  • Choose the domain name you want & enter the link if you want to set the link in the domain.


  • Click “Mint”, and confirm in the wallet. You will pay for the domain with a coin chet, the price of the domain depends on the number of domain characters.


  • Reconfirm the transaction *mint nft-domain. You will be asked to confirm the process, click “Confirm” if a metamask pop up appears.


  • Minting the nft CNS domain has been completed, you can check on the coinex smart chain explorer, you will receive a domain in the form of an NFT-721 token with the details of the domain name you registered.


How to Edit CNS Domain Links ?

You can change any link at any time on the domain, it’s very easy

  • Visit https://neutroniumcc.org/cns/
  • Login or connect using a metamask wallet (using a wallet that has a cns-domain)
  • Click edit on your domain
  • Enter a new link for the domain
  • Click “Set record”, and confirm in your metamask wallet
  • Done


Making or minting a cns domain is very easy and the price is very cheap, we tested buying a domain with the name “exchange.neu”, it only takes about 20 seconds and costs 12 cet (10 minting fees + 2 transaction fees). Blockchain-based domains do not need to pay an annual renewal fee, in contrast to tld domains such as .com/.net/.org/ and others, cns domains only require an initial fee (minting fee), then you will not be charged any other fees, no there is an expiration date on the ncs domain, your domain will be active forever.

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