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The coinex smart chain blockchain ecosystem is developing very fast, almost every week there are new projects coming in and collaborating with the CSC chain. Now that play-to-earn games and the “cyberpop” metaverse have teamed up for mutual benefit, cyberpop will use the coinex smart chain blockchain as the home for their games.

The collaboration between coinex smart chain and cyberpop online is a breath of fresh air for users, because users can play games quickly, easily and cheaply thanks to the support of the CSC chain. As we know, playing blockchain games is very boring if you have to wait a long time when you make a transaction or login, because transactions are waiting in line. That won’t happen on the CSC network, you only need 3-5 seconds to transact or log in to the gamefi platform.


What is Cyberpop Online ?

Cyberpop online is a very different gamefi, it combines play-to-earn with the metaverse world into one so that cyberpop players will experience a pleasant playing sensation and of course with a new experience that is based on blcokchain. Cyberpop is a 3D masterpiece game which has a beautiful interface and stunning scenery which will give the players beauty.

Not just a P2E and play-to-earn game, cyberpop is a blockchain-based game that focuses on playability, composability and security protocols. According to official information from social media cyberpop, this game was built by experts from well-known companies such as Ubisoft, Tencent and several other game companies. Cyberpop is built on blockchain (coinex smart chain), this means players will get security & freedom to manage game assets or characters. Players can buy and sell characters at any time they want via nft marketplaceplce.


What is the Coinex Smart Chain Blockchain ?

Coinex smart chain is a public blockchain made by the well-known exchange “coinex exchange”, this blockchain uses the same software as ethereum, it’s just that coinex uses a different protocol, namely PoS. With the Proof of Stake Protocol, it allows the coinex smart chain to become an environmentally friendly blockchain and has very fast transaction processing.

Unlike other blockchains that require 30 seconds to 15 minutes to confirm a transaction, Coinex Smart Chain only takes 3-5 seconds to validate a transaction. This makes coinex smart chain the fastest evm blockchain line up today. What’s more interesting is, you only need $0.001 (in coin cet) to pay transaction fees on the coinex smart chain, this will attract a lot of developers and users to enter the coinex smart chain ecosystem. Because we know that nowadays users are very tired of “slow” blockchains and “expensive fees”.


How To Play Cyberpop Online ?

1# Create Wallets

You need to create a wallet to play the cyperpop game, because this game is 100% integrated with the blockchain. All characters or weapons in the cyberpop game ecosystem are crc721 coinex smart chain tokens, which means that all game assets are on the blockchain and anyone who wants to play must have these game assets in their wallet.

You can use evm wallet “Metamask” to play cyberpop online. Why choose the metamask wallet? metamask wallet is very easy to use, and it is very safe, you can use the android version or the chrome-firefox browser. After you install the metamask wallet, you must set the rpc wallet to the coinex smart chain rpc:

RPC URL : https://rpc.coinex.net
Network Name : Coinex Smart Chain
ChainID : 52
Symbol : CET
Block Explorer : https://www.coinex.net

2# Buy CET Coins

Because this game is based on the coinex smart chain blockchain, you must have native CET coins to pay for every transaction in the game, such as buying characters, selling, logging in, sending game characters or staking. To get CET coins, you can buy on the Coinex Exchange. The good news is that you only need a few CET coins to pay transaction fees on the coinex smart chain, because the blockchain has very fast transactions and is very cheap.

Link : https://www.coinex.com/exchange/cet-usdt

3# Buy NFT

Cyberpop Online is a blockchain-based game, so to play the game you have to buy a game character (in the form of crc721 coinex tokens). Skins, characters, weapons, shields, all in the form of NFT-721 tokens minted on the Coinex Smart Chain blockchain.

There are several types of NFT in online cyberpop games:

  • Character
  • Weapon
  • Support Card
  • Skill
  • Remain
  • Mystery Box

https://market.cyberpop.online/ is a marketplace that you can use to buy and sell nft cyberpop game mats online, you can freely buy and sell whichever nft you want. To buy nft-characters you must have coinex USDT tokens, to get them you can convert your CET coins to USDT on the exchange oneswap.net .

4# Download Game

You can play cyberpop games online on several platforms, but for now the developer only provides Windows and Android, the next developer will release iOS and Mac versions. Make sure the CPU and GPU that you have are in accordance with gaming needs, because if not, the game will feel slow and the graphics are not clear.

Link Download : https://www.cyberpop.online/help

5# Play Game

After you already have some nft needed and have CET coinex coins to pay for transactions, you can start playing the cyberpop game. Want to try but haven’t bought nft yet? Don’t worry, you can still try the game (using a demo/training) even though you haven’t bought an NFT character or weapon.


How to Get Money /Profit from Play-to-Earn Games

Play online cyberpop games and complete the missions in the game, later you can get NFT and CYT tokens. You can sell Nft and these tokens and convert them to fiat money. This can be an alternative for earning additional income, in contrast to non-blockchain games which do not provide benefits to players when the player wins.

Apart from that, you can also mine/stake/farm cyt tokens and token liquidity pairs (eg usdt/cyt) and start getting income automatically. The more tokens or liquidity you have at stake or farming, the greater your income.

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