Coinex Smart Chain Becomes Home for FPS Game & Metaverse “Galactic War”

FPS Game is a term used to represent two things in the world of games, first FPS can mean “first-person-shooter”. The second is FPS means “frames-per-second”, this is a measure used to describe the smoothness or smoothness of a video game.

What we are discussing here is the FPS Game “first person shooter”, this is a game genre that is liked by gamers a lot, players are competing to shoot enemies and get victory. When getting a win, players can go to a higher level or get points or even get nothing, depending on the game developer.

Maybe you often play FPS games, but have you ever played blockchain-based FPS games? Blockchain-based games are becoming popular, starting to shift the fame of non-blockchain games such as call of duty, counter strike, beatlefield, this happens because playing blockchain-based games is freer to manage asset-characters, and the most interesting thing is that you can make money.

Galactic War is an FPS & Metaverse game based on the Coinex Smart Chain blockchain. Galactic War allows players to play freely, safely and can earn passive income, this is due to the support of the Coinex smart chain blockchain which has high performance & also less permission, anyone can transfer, buy and sell game characters (nft) at any time freely. The concept is similar to the play-to-earn gamefi, you will get a character when you win or complete a mission, and the character is a Coinex CRC721 token that can be traded on the NFT marketplace. The more you win or complete missions, the more characters you get, and the more income (money) you generate.

How to Play Galactic War ?

Even though it hasn’t been released yet, and it’s still in the demo stage, we will explain how to play the game galactic war, even though it may not be 100% accurate.

1# Purchase Game Characters (NFT)

Characters & weapons in the Galactic War game use the NFT concept (crc721), anyone who wants to play the Galactic War game, must buy character/weapon nft tokens, and store them in a wallet. Later you can buy and sell nft characters in the “NFT Marketplace”. Because this game uses the coinex smart chain blockchain, NFT buying and selling transactions use coin CET (coin native coinex smart chain).

To get CET coins, you can buy them on the coinex exchange. If you use a metamask wallet, you need to set the rpc wallet, so you can use the coinex smart chain blockchain, here is the mainnet coinex smart chain rpc:

Network Name : Coinex Smart Chain
ChainID : 52
Symbol : CET
Block Explorer :

Galactic War has a native token called GLW, this is a CRC20 token that is on the coinex smart chain blockchain, later the galw token will be used for transactions in the galactic war game. To buy and sell galw tokens, you can use a coinex smart chain-based DEX exchange, or use a CEX that has a glw token listed.

Galactic War has 3 types of NFTs

  • NFT Skins (Weapon)
  • NFT Character
  • NFT Planet

To play galactic war you must have and combine nft characters & skins, each nft has a different level, starting from Common, Uncommon, Rare, Legendary & Epic. When you play and win games, you get GLW tokens, you can sell these tokens and exchange them for rupiah, or use them to buy better nfts, so that the winning percentage is higher.

2# Download Game

Even though the Galactic War game hasn’t been released on the Coinex Smart Chain mainnet, you can download and try playing the demo version. The demo version (at the moment) only supports windows OS, maybe in the future the dev will provide Android & IOS versions.

Link :

If you look at the galactic war plan and roadmap, there is a metaverse version, where players can play games or explore games using VR, this is very interesting, because it is different from other games and also more innovative.


With the support of the coinex smart chain blockchain, the Galactic War game will have good performance and will be preferred by players, because playing gamefi requires onchain transactions on the blockchain, and coinex smart chain is able to process transactions in just 3-5 seconds, you don’t have to wait time to play, buy nft, merge, send nft or tokens. And the most interesting thing, you don’t need to need a big fee, because the coinex smart chain blockchain has a very cheap transaction fee, 1 transaction only requires $ 0.001 – $ 0.01 (in CET coins).

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