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Now NFT has entered into our lives to the fullest and has given us the opportunity to sell, buy and make money with art that resides on the blockchain (in the form of nft). Blockchain technology has changed our habits of buying and selling art, in the past we had to go to an art exhibition or art shop and buy it manually, but now everything has changed, we can buy artwork that is converted to digital and is on a blockchain platform (when we know this as NFT). NFT makes the process of buying and selling art work seamless, anyone and anytime can buy artwork easily with just 1 click.

Artists can easily sell their artwork in the form of NFT tokens on the nft marketplace platform without having to create events, of course it will be more efficient and economical. Artists also benefit from the nature of the nft marketplace which is free and has a very wide reach.

2 years ago to be exact in 2020, nft became a boom and became public attention, even the trading volume in that year became $20 billion. It proves that NFT is a solution to the limitations of buying and selling art. Even now NFT has developed further, many game developers are switching to blockchain and also changing game characters into nft tokens, changing game characters to nft tokens will create freedom in the game play and facilitate transactions between players.

OneSwapNFT is a new nft marketplace platform that uses the fastest blockchain i.e. Coinex Smart Chain, oneswapnft allows users to convert their artwork into a crc721 (nft) token and sell it on the platform. With the support of the fastest EVM blockchain (Coinex smart chain) Oneswapnft will become a new home for NFT fans, with the Coinex blockchain, Oneswapnft is the NFT marketplace platform that has the cheapest and fastest transaction fees.

What are the Features in Oneswap NFT Marketplace?

1# Sell NFTs

Users can sell their nft (crc721 tokens) on oneswapnft, just like opensea, oneswapnft also allows users to sell nft at the price they want. There are some interesting nft “sell” features on oneswapnft, different from other nft marketplaces.

  • Fixed Price : Option to sell nft at a fixed price, non-negotiable and unchanged, buyers can only “buy now”
  • Auction : This is an auction option for your nft, you can specify the initial price and the number of “Increment” percentages, and setting the active period of the auction, I think this option is very interesting, this option will trigger users to compete in buying nft.
  • Make Offers : More interesting than auction, this option allows users to bid on nft at the price they want, when the seller agrees with the bid price, then the nft will be sold to the user who bid on nft.
  • Active Period : Oneswapnft has an active period feature, you can set the active period for the nft list, when the active period expires, your nft is not available for sale, but you can list it again.


2# Buy NFTs

Just like other nft marketplace platforms, oneswapnft allows users to buy nft or crc721 tokens they like. To buy nft on oneswapnft you must have a native csc coin, namely CET, all transactions in the nft marketplace use CET coins, such as buying, selling, royalty and transaction fees using CET coins, to get CET coins you can buy them at Coinex Exchange


3# Mint NFTs

Just like other platforms, you can mint nft on oneswapnft, but on this platform it is more unique and different from other nft platforms, there are some mint features in oneswapnft:

  • Mint Single Item : This feature works for single nft minting, you can upload nft in any format (JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF, SVG, GLB, GLTF, MP4, WEBM, MP3, WAV, OGG).
  • Royalty : Allows creators to get passive income from royalties, you can set the royalty percentage according to your wishes.
  • Mint NFT Collection : This feature serves to create a collection for nft that you want to mint, there are many features in “Mint NFT Collection”, such as input social media links, mint nft in large quantities, royalty settings and several other features (description, profile, banner)


4# View the NFTs Collection

You can see the NFT collection you have, see a list of NFT transactions that are sold and bought as well as a list of NFT that you request on Oneswapnft.


5# Passive Income (From NFTs Royalty)

NFT creators can set how much royalty they get when their nft is sold. For example, if the creator sets 10% royalty, then for every nft transaction originating from the creator, the creator will get 10% of the total transaction value. If nft is sold 100 times, then the creator will get 100 x 10% of the total value of the nft traded. This is very interesting, creators will get passive income.


Why Should You Choose OneSwapNFT?
  • nft transactions such as mint, buy, sell and approve on oneswapnft are very fast, this is because it is supported by the coinex smart chain blockchain, it only takes 3-5 seconds to complete transactions on oneswapnft
  • Transactions are very cheap, to make a collection of NFT you only need about 0.3 CET, and to mint 1 nft you only need 0.15 CET, this is really very cheap, 1 dollar in CET coins can mint hundreds of NFT
  • More features than other nft platforms, this is the most interesting for me, we can set nft “listing” for fixed prices, auctions or offers. Buyers can also bid according to the desired price.
  • Metamask wallet support, because coinex uses evm, you can use metamask wallet for transactions on oneswapnft
  • Fee royalty settings as you want, royalties will be passive income for creators.

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