How to Get Started & Use Coinex Smart Chain (CSC/CET)

Coinex Smart Chain is a new blockchain developed by Coinex Exchange. Coinex Smart Chain, hereinafter referred to as CSC, uses PoS (consensus) technology which supports up to 101 validators and allows everyone to become a validator on the CSC network.

CSC has its own native coin called CET, the CET coin is the same as ETH ethereum, it is used to pay fees and utility coins on the network. In addition, CSC is also compatible with EVM, so you can easily move projects or dapps to the CSC Network.

In this article we will provide a technical explanation of how to start or use the Coinex Smart Chain (CSC)


Wallet Coinex Smart Chain

First you need a wallet to interact in the CSC application, there are several wallet options that you can use.

1. Metamask

This wallet is very familiar among traders, in fact almost all traders like metamask to store assets, there are android versions and chrome and firefox browser versions. To store CET coins (CSC) or Tokens on the CSC network, you need to set RPC or network settings on Metamask, you need to change the RPC to be like this.


Network Name : Coinex Smart Chain

ChainID : 52

Symbol : CET

Block Explorer :

2. MathWallet

Mathwallet is a multi-platform wallet that supports multiple blockchains, there are android, desktop, hardware and extension versions. You can use mathwallet to store & transact coin CET (CSC)


How to Send CET (CSC) to Wallet

After you have a wallet, then you need to send CET coins to your wallet. You can buy CET coin on AscendEX, or on Coinex Exchange, I personally recommend you to buy CET on Coinex Exchange.

First, deposit any coin/token to the coinex exchange, then exchange your coin/token to CET coin. After getting the CET coin, then you need to do widrawal to your wallet address (use the coinex smart chain network). * Process widrawal on Coinex is very fast (about 3 minutes)


Trading (DEX)

After getting the CET (CSC) coin, you can interact on the Coinex Smart Chain network, for example trading. On the CSC network currently available DEX, namely OneSwap DEX. You can buy and sell any tokens on the CSC network on OneSwap, you can choose the SWAP mode or choose the limit trading mode. If you are used to trading swaps on AMM such as quickswap, sushiswap and others, you should use the SWAP oneswap feature. But in my opinion, the limit order feature on DEX oneswap is the feature I like the most, just like transactions on the CEX exchange, you can determine the price you want


DAPPS Creation

Coinex Smart Chain is a blockchain that supports EVM, you can create dapps on the CSC network using solidity programming, via RemixEthereum. You can create CRC20 (token) for crypto projects or create CRC721 for NFT projects, you can do whatever you want.



CSC is a blockchain built for DEFI, High Speed and Low Gas Fee, we believe CSC will be used by many blockchain/dapps developers soon. With the advantages of High TPS and cheap Gas Fee, CSC will grow faster and the community will grow.


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