How to Get “Coin” CET mainnet & tCET testnet from Faucet – Coinex Smart Chain

Getting coins or tokens from the faucet platform is something that is often done by crypto users, on average they have different goals, some are for testing sending tokens, claiming or interacting contracts, there are also some people using coins from faucets for making smart contracts. or dapps. For example, Airdrop hunters usually prefer to get native coins from faucets rather than buying on exchanges, this is done to save money, after getting native coins (albeit a little) they will use the coins to send airdrop tokens to the exchange or to another account.

Many faucet platforms provide native mainnet or testnet coins for free, but there may be some requirements that you must do to get these coins. There are faucet platforms that provide conditions such as completing captcha, likes and following social media, inputting email data, and others. But there are also faucet platforms that do not provide any conditions, but only give a few coins (usually only enough to make 1-3 transactions)


How to Get CET Mainnet from Faucet

To get a coin cet mainnet coinex smart chain is very easy, you don’t need to do many tasks to get a cet, just input your wallet address and complete the captcha, after that wait 3-5 seconds you will get a coin cet (albeit a little). For now there is only 1 faucet platform for native coins, you will get 0.2 cet for free, this amount is enough to make 3 or 4 transactions. is a faucet site that provides several native coins for crypto users, anyone can request native coins at any time (with applicable conditions), one of which is the CET coinex smart chain. Stakely provides faucet for CET coin, you can get free coin cet (0.02 cet) just by completing captcha & tweet

  • Create a coinex smart chain wallet, you can use the metask wallet browser or android
  • Setting your RPC wallet

Network Name : Coinex Smart Chain
ChainID : 52
Symbol : CET
Block Explorer :

  • Get your wallet address on metamask
  • Visit
  • Enter the wallet address in the “Your Coinex Address” field
  • Complete the captcha, Click verify
  • Login to your twitter
  • Do a Tweet (click tweet)
  • Verify / Confirm
  • Wait, you will get 0.2 cet


How to Get tCET testnet From Faucet

tCET is the native coin of Coinex Smart Chain Testnet, just like coin cet mainnet, tCet is used to pay for all transactions such as swap, send, deploy on the blockchain coinex smart chain testnet. To get tCet coin is very easy, you can get it for free without buying into an exchange.

The testnet blockchain is usually used to experiment or practice creating dapps, deploying smart contracts. Using testnet is simpler because we don’t need to buy native coins or tokens, we can get them for free, blockchain testnet is perfect for people who are learning to make applications on the blockchain

  • Create a coinex smart chain testnet wallet using metask chrome/firefox or android
  • Setting your rpc wallet to coinex testnet

Network Name : Coinex Smart Chain Test
ChainID : 53
Symbol : tCET
Block Explorer :

  • Get your wallet address on metamask
  • Visit
  • Enter your wallet address
  • Choose the coin / token you want

You can request some crc20 tokens / native coins

  • 200 tCet/day = you can request 200 tCet coins every day
  • 500 tCet/3days = you can request 500 coins tCet per 3 days
  • 1250 tCet/9days = you can request 1250 tCet coins per 9 days
  • 200 DAI-USDC-USDT = you can request crc20 token DAI, USDT, USDC stable coin every day
Sample tCet from Faucet
Sample USDT from Faucet
Sample USDT from Faucet



tCet coins & crc20 testnet tokens can only be used on the coinex smart chain testnet blockchain, only for education or experimentation, native coins and crc20 testnet cannot be exchanged for other coins / fiat, or there is no exchange for testnet.

For CET mainnet faucets, on average, they only provide a small amount (only for transactions-sending 3-4 times), if you want to get more CET mainnet coins, I recommend buying on Coinex Exchange. Coin cet is still very cheap, you can buy on the exchange at a price of $ 0.038 per cet (price at the time of writing this article), buy and save for the long term so that you get a lot of profit from the increase in the price of cet.

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