Create Crowdsale-ICO with Whitelist and Bonus Features on Coinex Smart Chain – Part 2

4# Crowdsale Smart Contract Verification

After the process of deploying the smart contract crowdsale is complete, you need to verify the smart contract in the explorer coinex smart chain. When the smart contract has been verified in the Coinex smart chain blockchain explorer, then anyone can see the code and information contained in the smart contract, this is for transparency and for investor confidence.

  • Go to explorer, paste the smart contract
  • Select “contract info”, click “verify and publish”
  • Enter all required data such as contract name, compiler, license type, compiler version

  • Before verifying, make sure you have combined the smart contract in the ethereum ide remix.
  • to combine smart contracts, please install the flattener plugin, and create a flat file for the smart contract
  • Paste the smart contract flat,


5# Send CRC20 Token to Smart Contract Crowdsale Address

After the smart contract verification process is complete, the next step is to send the crc20 token (which you will sell) to the crowdsale smart contract address. The number of tokens sent is in accordance with the Hard Carp or the target you want: Example = Rate/price is 1000 per CET, Hard Cap is 15,000 CET, then you need to send ( 1000 x 15,000 = total 15,000,000 tokens)


6# Check / View Crowdsale Information

Users or investors can view crowdsale information in smart contracts (via explorer). Investors can see the price-rate, when the crowdsale starts & ends, the hard cap of the ico, the minimum and maximum number of purchases, and more. Please enter the smart contract, click contract info, click “Read Contract”

  • Rate : Token price per CET
  • EndTime : The time when the crowdsale ends
  • Cap: Sales target (in the form of CET coins) or called Hard Cap
  • WeiRaised : The number of CET coins that have been collected
  • Contributios : To see how much is the contribution (amount of CET coins) by a certain address
  • Wallet : Wallet address developer used to collect CET proceeds from token sale
  • CrowdsaleFinalized : To see if the crowdsale is over or not
  • StartTime : When will the crowdsale start
  • WhiteList : Smart contract whitelist (which contains the wallet addresses of investors who can buy tokens)
  • MinContribution : Minimum amount of token purchase (in the form of CET coins)
  • BonusPrecent…. : Information on the bonus amount in the crowdsale
  • HasEnded : Information whether the crowdsale has ended ?
  • Token: CRC20 smart contract address information


7# Test Buy Token
Using Wallets Listed on the Whitelist

Testing buys tokens in the crowdsale, using the address that has been registered in the smart contract whitelist. We test buy 2 CET, and we get 2,000 tokens, (2 CET x 1,000 Rate Token)

How to buy tokens is very easy, Send a certain amount of CET coins to the crowdsale wallet address, once fully confirmed, you will automatically get tokens according to the token rate or price.


Test Bonus

This crowdsale smart contract has a bonus feature, for example if an investor buys a token with (CET) above 100 CET, then he will get a bonus with a certain amount.

When buying (sending 100 coins CET) you should get 10,000 Tokens, because the token price-rate is 1000. But you will get an additional bonus of 5,000 Tokens. The amount you get is 105,000 tokens. This feature is very useful for marketing, because investors will be interested and buy more tokens.


Test Buy Using an Address Not Listed on the Whitelist

When there is a wallet address that is not whitelisted & he tries to buy crowdale-ico tokens, then the transaction will automatically fail or fail, he can’t buy tokens.



Crowdsale is a solution for transparency in token sales or project fundraising, another advantage is that crowdsale is very cheap, because you only need CET coins to pay for transactions (no more than 10 CET) to create crowdsales and interact contracts. The creation of the crowdsale-ico is very fast, it only takes 10-20 minutes, this speed is supported by the high transaction speed on the coinex smart chain blockchain, on average it only takes 3 seconds to be fully confirmed (for each transaction), in contrast to ethereum which has to wait 15-30 minutes for each transaction

Coin CET from the token sale will automatically enter the wallet address that we set at the beginning. you can use these CET coins to finance projects and DEX exchange liquidity. If you are creative and proficient in the field of websites, you can combine the smart contract with the website, so that investors can buy tokens through your official website. Good luck

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