IDO Launchpad Platform for Token CRC20 (Project) Coinex Smart Chain

(IDO) Launchpad Crypto has been getting a lot of attention. Crypto developers are starting to switch from the ICO/IEO platform to the IDO Lauchpad platform to get project development funds. Using lauchpad allows you to identify early stage crypto projects and participate in pre-sale or presale rounds.

Almost all lauchpad platforms implement a very strict project inspection process to avoid fraud and rug pulls, this will allow you to be able to invest in lauchpad quietly without worrying about losing funds.

Every crypto developer wants to list their project on IDO’s launchpad platform, but not all projects can get into launchpad. Project developers need to share some necessary information and documentation and proposals to ensure the legitimacy and feasibility of their project, this will be verified by IDO’s launchpad platform before getting into the IDO launch pad.

The main factor for crypto projects is liquidity, and this is the main reason why most start-ups choose Initial DEX Offers (IDOs) to raise funds. Any token that cannot generate liquidity will damage the value of the token. When a project is embarrassed by an IDO, most of the funds will be entered into the Liquidity Pool, and the funds are locked for a certain period of time, this serves to protect investors who participate in the IDO.

The IDO launchpad platform offers instant liquidity and token development. All investors, from small traders to large traders, can buy IDO tokens at lower fees, and usually the value of IDO tokens will increase when the tokens will enter the public sale phase.

Some of the tokens will be unlocked (entered the investor’s wallet) and can start trading after the IDO is active (completed). The earlier they buy launchpad tokens, then they have a great opportunity to get a lot of profit, by selling them at a higher price, because usually the price of IDO tokens starts to increase since the first investor buys.

On the lunchpad ido platform, vesting is also applied, which means the tokens purchased by investors will be locked (partially) and can be taken at a certain time or gradually. The vesting will protect the token price from a sharp decline when the token is listed on the Dex Exchange, because some investors will sell their tokens when the token is listed on the DEX. Vesting holds investor tokens and stabilizes token prices

IDO’s Launchpad is an indispensable component for the Crypto Marketplace. Launchpad IDO This is considered the best crowdfunding platform today, because it is more transparent and the listing fee is very cheap, in contrast to the IEO platform which has a very expensive listing fee. The development of DO’s launchpad not only allows business entities to be more protective during public sales and efficient crowdfunding, but also allows investors to gain hands-on knowledge of general sales in a decentralized setting with low-cost operations.

How to List Project (CRC20 Token) on Launchpad IDO

GAGARIN is ido’s launchpad platform that enables coinex smart chain token projects to raise project development funds. Anyone can register their project on gagarin launchpad ido, and investors can participate in coinex smart chain token projects listed on the launchpad.

Developers who want to register projects on gagarin, must comply with their regulations and send information/documents required by gagarin, this is to protect investors from fraud

How to Apply Launchpad ?

  • Go to GAGARIN site (CSC)
  • Choose “Apply IDO” or you can follow this link = link
  • Enter all the required information on the form.
  • You must prepare a document for KYC on the platform.
  • If the project is feasible, then they will list your project on their launchpad platform.

Tips for Successful IDO

  • Make sure you have a good project and have a visionary concept, the better the project, the more investors will be interested in investing in your project.
  • Currently investors are very careful before buying ido tokens, make sure all your project information is clear and has a good whitepaper
  • Make sure social media and groups are always updated about projects, because investors hate projects that are just silent (without updates on social media/groups)
  • The team must actively conduct AMAs, so that all information needed by investors can be answered by the team through the AMA
  • I recommend that the Liquidity allocation should be bigger than the development/marketing fund allocation
    Projects must proceed quickly and project phases must comply with the whitepaper


How To Participate On Launchpad IDO (CSC Platform Project)

You can participate in coinex smart chain based projects on gagarin launchpad, to buy ido tokens, you must prepare USDT (coinex smart chain) or CET coins. To get Coinex CET and USDT coins, you can buy on Coinex Exchange, when WD USDT choose the Coinex Smart Chain network.

To buy IDO tokens, you can go through this link”CSC IDO

Before buying, you must understand the project information and make sure the project is good and has good prospects.

Each IDO has a different vesting period, different listing prices and different market conditions, if you already get a profit, immediately take part of the profit, to minimize losses when the vesting period ends. because usually after the vesting period ends, tokens will experience a sharp decline

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