Crypto Game “Chain Of Legends” Now Uses Blockchain Coinex Smart Chain

Chain of Legends is a blockchain-based play-to-earn game that has the “strategy game” genre, this game combines strategy games with blockchain technology, which allows users to play & manage game assets freely. The concept is the same as other crypto games, chain of legends uses nft tokens as proof of ownership of game characters, players must have nft characters to start playing.

Good news has emerged from the official twitter csc and chain of legends, that they have collaborated for mutual benefit on the gamefi platform, which means that the Chain Of Legend game will use multichain or use the coinex smart chain blockchain. Users can use the fastest and cheapest blockchain platform, namely csc when playing games. Then you can buy CLEG tokens and NFT game chain of legends tokens on the coinex smart chain network.

Did you know, playing games using the coinex smart chain blockchain is very profitable, because:

  • Transaction fees for minting, aprove, transfer of game characters are very cheap, no more than $ 0.005.
  • Transactions are very fast, this is due to high technology support in the coinex smart chain blockchain, when you claim nft in the game, it only takes 3-5 seconds and the transaction will be complete.
  • Support EVM , you can use the same wallet that you currently use for ethereum or other evm blockchains, simply by changing the RPC blockchain, you can use the coinex smart chain blockchain, no need to create a new wallet. And there are still many advantages or advantages when using the CSC blockchain.

Game Features “Chain of Legends”

The chain of legends game is currently still in beta, and not 100% released yet, so to play you have to wait or you can use the beta version. To use or play games in the beta version, your wallet address must be whitelisted, to enter the whitelist you can request on social media or contact the chain of legends admin.

Land Mining & Build

When you create an account for the first time on chain of legends, you will get 1 land, the land is completely free without the need to buy. The land will generate CLEG tokens (about 15 CLEG). This principle is like mining tokens using game/land characters. If you want to get more CLEG tokens, you can mine using another land, you can buy them starting from 400 CLEG per land.

Each land has a different character, some lands only produce cleg tokens, “stone mine land” can produce cleg and stone tokens, and “iron mine land” can produce cleg, stone and iron. You can also buy barracks, but when we checked, these characters weren’t available yet.


Deposit & Withdrawal

Transactions in the game use 100% cleg tokens, to buy land, nft boxes and upgrades. To claim, deposit and withdraw you must have a CET token, the cet token is the native coinex smart chain token, this token is used to pay for all transactions on the coinex smart chain network, including playing the chain of legends game.

You can deposit and withdraw tokens on chain of legend using metamask, deposit and withdrawal transactions are processed in real time, when the deposit is sent, the token will be immediately available/entered into your game account.



In the game chain of legends there is a marketplace that game users can use to transact nft/characters, when we checked, the functions and features were almost the same as other marketplaces. You can buy land desert, common, uncommon, rare and legendary. Each land nft has different specifications, and different prices, the higher the specifications, the more expensive the price. You can also buy NFT boxes, but for now you can only buy them on the TofuNFT marketplace.

To play the chain of legends game, you must have CET coinex smart chain coins and CLEG tokens. To get CET coins, you can buy them ci Coinex Exchange. After buying/owning nft land and playing games, you will get earnings in the form of CLEG tokens, you can sell these tokens or convert them to fiat money.

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