Play to Earn NFT Game “Cryptoblades” Will Support Blockchain Coinex Smart Chain

Recently, the official twitter page of coinex smart chain reported that they have collaborated with one of the popular play-to-earn games “CryptoBlades”. This collaboration is a milestone for the coinex smart chain in the development of adoption in the games-blockchain sector.

Cryptoblades is a play-to-earn nft game that has a RPG (Role Playing Game) fighting genre, cryptoblade allows users to buy multiple characters and weapons to fight monsters. Currently the game cryptoblades runs on multiple blockchains, and soon the game will support the coinex smart chain blockchain.

Coinex Smart Chain is a high-performance public evm blockchain, the blockchain uses the DPoS protocol that allows users to make transactions quickly, cheaply and very securely. The coinex smart chain blockchain is one of the blockchains that has the highest or fastest performance, because in the blockchain it only takes 3 seconds to complete a transaction.

With the entry of cryptoblades into the coinex smart chain blockchain ecosystem, it will increase users, increase volume and increase the number of transactions on the blockchain. This collaboration is the right decision, because coinex smart chain users will have many choices to play games, which makes them feel more at home in the coinex ecosystem.

What is Cryptoblades ?

This is a play-to-earn (nft) game previously deployed on the blockchain binance smart chain, a cryptoblades game created by a team from Riveted Technology, namely Philip Devine, Kyle Kemp, Raymond Hammarling and Daniel Karsai.

To play the game, users need to complete several challenges, level up their characters, and craft and mint their unique weapons. The thing that players like the most is that they can get passive income in the form of “SKILL” tokens,

SKILL is a crc20 coinex smart chain token used in the cryptoblades game ecosystem, SKILL tokens can be traded on the market and can be sent to other players. You can buy SKILL tokens between users or buy on dex or marketplace. The purpose of this game is to make players able to make money when they play and to give players the freedom to manage assets or game characters.

How to Play Cryptoblades Game ?

To play the cryptoblades game, the user must have a SKILL token, you can buy the token on the exchange using the coin native blockchain coinex smart chain CET. SKILL tokens will later be used for minting or buying characters and weapons, then these characters and weapons can be used to start playing in cryptoblades. At the time of writing this article, the price of SKILL tokens is $1.68, to play you need around 6-10 SKILL tokens.

Once you have the SKILL token, you can start buying characters and weapons at . you can choose the character and weapon you want, you will pay for it with SKILL tokens. Make sure you have CET coinex, because to make transactions you need gas (a few CET coins). Once you have your character and weapons, you can start playing the cryptoblades game.


Inventory and features on Cryptoblades


The characters in the cryptoblades game have several elements, namely the elements of fire, water, earth and lightning elements. Each element has advantages and disadvantages, depending on what the character is used for.


The weapon element in cryptoblades greatly determines the player’s battle roll (similar to the character), while the rarity will determine the attributes added to the player’s character. Higher attributes will have a chance of winning while doing battle.


Reforging is one of the features that I like, this feature is the process of burning and combining one weapon into another. This feature allows players to upgrade their better weapons by burning less valuable weapons. To perform Reforging, players need SKILL tokens


These are items or elements to protect your character from enemy attacks while playing. The better or higher this element, then your character will be stronger and more resistant to attacks.


Playing blockchain games is very different from traditional games, you have the freedom to buy and choose characters, it’s easy to manage character assets, and you can sell and buy game characters at any time, unlike traditional games where you can’t sell the characters you get. The most important thing is that we will get money when playing games.

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