Very Easy Way to Bulk Send CRC20 or Coinex Smart Chain Tokens

BulkSend or BulkTokenSender is a method of sending crc20 tokens in bulk to multiple recipients at once. Dapps bulksend allows users to distribute their tokens to multiple wallets at once in just one click. Usually the bulksend function is used by developers who distribute airdrop or giveaway campaigns to users, by using bulksend dapps, the process of sending crc20 tokens is simple and easy, without the hassle of sending tokens one by one.

Sending coinex smart chain crc20 tokens using bulksend will shorten your time, because in one transaction you will send crc20 tokens to many wallets at once. Dapps bulksend can also be used for token promotions to users, you can send tokens in small quantities, so that users are aware of your token project. In this article I will provide a tutorial on how to send crc20 blockchain coinex smart chain tokens to multiple wallets using dapps bulksend.

How to Send Coinex Smart Chain CRC20 Tokens in Bulk

1. Wallet

To carry out the process of sending tokens in bulk, you need an evm wallet. There are many evm wallets that you can use, but here I suggest you use the metamask wallet, because it’s easier and safer. Metamask supports several versions, such as android, ios, browser versions, use the browser version to make it easier. To use the coinex smart chain blockchain, you must change the metamask rpc wallet to the coinex smart chain rpc.

Network Name : Coinex Smart Chain
ChainID : 52
Symbol : CET
Block Explorer :


2. Coin Native Coinex Smart Chain (CET)

CET is a native coin of the coinex smart chain blockchain, to send tokens or interact with smart contracts, we need CET coins to pay for gas/transaction fees, fortunately we only need a few cet coins, because transactions on the coinex smart chain blockchain are very cheap, in contrast to another evm blockchain that charges high gas fees for a single transaction. For a one-time transaction on the coinex smart chain, it only takes around $ 0.001 (in coin cet) in contrast to ethereum which requires $ 2-10 for one transaction.

To get CET coins, you can buy them on the Coinex Exchange. You can deposit USDT/USDC tokens or other coins and exchange them for CET coins.

3. Token CRC20

Because we will be sending crc20 tokens, of course we must have crc20 tokens in our wallet to send to the airdrop hunter wallet or giveaway recipient. If you don’t have a crc20 token yet, you can deploy using the solidity source code from openzepplin, deploy using remixethereumide. The deploy process is very easy and fast, because the coinex smart chain has high performance and transactions will be validated in just 3-5 seconds.

4. Prepare a List Wallet Address (recipient)

Prepare a list of wallet addresses that will receive crc20 tokens, for example in an airdrop campaign, you must prepare a list of airdrop hunter wallets that participate in your airdrop campaign. We will upload the list or enter it into the recipient column on Dapps bulksend.

5. CRC20 Token Mass Delivery Process is one of the mass token delivery dapps that supports the coinex smart chain blockchain, you can use these dapps for fast and simple token distribution.

  • Go to the site
  • Connect your wallet, make sure you are using the coinex smart chain rpc
  • Select the coinex smart chain network
  • Token : Paste smart contract token crc20
  • Addresses with Amounts: List of recipient’s Wallet Address, you can upload it in the form of a txt file or insert it manually
  • Wallet address list format: Address, Number of tokens = Example: 0x4341a9F6A0281595D205e46b7b701502Da2C3862,10 (this means we will send tokens to the wallet with a total of 10 tokens)
  • Click Continue
  • Approve transactions (tokens)
  • Click Continue, and Confirm on metamask
  • Wait 5-10 seconds, the token will be sent, you can check it on the coinex smart chain explorer

With this dapp, the token distribution process is very easy, with just 1 click all tokens are distributed without delay. For transactions to send tokens in bulk, a fee is required (100 CET for the dapp, and 0.2 CET for transaction fees on the Coinex network). This is relatively cheap, when compared to ethereum, which requires $ 50-$ 100

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