RBX-AE Now Support Blockchain Coinex Smart Chain – Trading, Staking & Launchpad Easily

rbx.ae is one of the Dex exchanges that supports multiple blockchains, recently rbx.ae has collaborated with coinex to provide services for users of the coinex smart chain blockchain, or in other words rbx.ae supports the coinex smart chain blockchain. From now on, users of the coinex smart chain blockchain can use the rbx.ae platform and some of the features in it.

This is a great update for coinex smart chain, more dapps and project support blockchain coinex smart chain, it will increase users and grow wider adoption. The collaboration between Coinex and RBX-AE provides an easy way for Coinex crypto developers and Coinex users, to develop projects and trade tokens based on Coinex (CSC).

Getting to Know the Features of RBX-AE

1# Swap

Like the swap function in other dex exchanges, coinex smat chain users can swap crc20 tokens on rbx.ae, you can exchange tokens to stablecoins usdt, usdc or native coinex smart chain CET coins or otherwise.


2# Limit Trading

This feature is what I like the most, usually limit trading is only available on central exchanges, but on some dex exchanges there is also limit trading available, the simple thing is, coinex smart chain users can buy and sell tokens at the price they want or specify. The buy-sell order will be executed when the coin-token price is at the user-defined price.


3# P2P Trading

Not only available on central exchanges, p2p trading is also available on dex exchanges, for example p2p trading rbx-ae, P2P Trading is the process of buying and selling cryptocurrencies directly between users, without third parties or intermediaries. if in Indonesia this transaction is called rekber.

When you buy or sell cryptocurrencies traditionally, you cannot transact directly with the counterparty because this is a high risk, namely the risk of fraudulent transactions. As a solution, you can use p2p trading services to transact traditionally but still safely.


4# Add & Remove Liqudity

Coinex smart chain users can add liquidity to the trading pairs they want, this feature is the same as features on other dex exchanges, this allows users to participate in the liquidity pool and earn passive income.

Each swap transaction will be charged a fee, some of the fee will be collected in the liquidity pool and distributed to liquidity providers (with the amount according to their liquidity percentage). You can add & remove liquidity in any pair at any time, permission less.


5# Listing Token CRC20

You can list coinex crc20 tokens on rbx-ae, this function is the same as other dex exchange platforms, this feature allows developers to list tokens to dex exchanges easily, instantly and very cheaply. For listing crc20 tokens on the dex exchange there is no listing fee, runs automatically, very safe because everything runs in real time on the blockchain. Listing on the dex exchange is perfect for developers who are starting projects with minimal funds.


6# Staking

Staking is a function that allows users to stake tokens into pools or smart contracts with the aim of earning interest or passive income. Coinex smart chain users can also participate in the staking pool provided by rbx-ae. With staking, it will increase investor interest to buy more tokens for staking.


7# Launchpad

Launchpads, also known as crypto incubators, is a platform that allows blockchain-based projects to raise capital to develop projects by providing access to early stage token sales for their group of investors. Usually the price of crypto tokens in the early stages is very cheap, this is an attraction for investors to participate in launchpad

Crypto developers based on the coinex smart chain blockchain can apply for a launchpad at rbx-ae via the following link “rbx-launchpad“. Anyone and anytime can apply for launchpad there, you can also freely participate in launchpad on rbx-ae.



rbx-ae has many features needed by smart chain blockchain users, this will make it easier for users to transact on the coinex network. rbx-ae will be a dapps platform that helps the development of the coinex smart chain blockchain.

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