How to Know Price Index & Live Chart Token [CRC20] Coinex Smart Chain

Trading is a job that requires accurate and careful analysis, because if you take the wrong position when trading, you will suffer losses. Trading forex, stocks and crypto both have risks, they differ only in the medium traded.

Currently crypto trading is becoming very popular, more popular than its predecessors (stocks and forex), even now many people are switching to crypto trading instead of trading stocks and forex, the reason is because crypto is faster to get profit and more assets are traded on the internet. crypto market. But you should know, crypto trading also has quite a big risk, maybe even bigger than other platforms.

Experiencing losses when trading is something that is often experienced by traders, but crypto is very different, because even if your asset has decreased in price or the value of the asset has decreased, you still hold the same amount of tokens or coins, only the value decreases.

How to Know Prices & Charts of Unlisted Tokens CMC/Coingecko/Cex Exchange ?

The CRC20 token is a token of the coinex smart chain blockchain, just like erc20 is on the ethereum blockchain. For trading crc20 tokens you can use the CEX platform (if already listed on CEX), if not listed on CEX, you can trade on the DEX platform (decentralized exchange).

But there are limitations for crc20 tokens that are not yet CEX listed, we cannot know the token price accurately. Because the DEX platform is very different from CEX (in terms of features).

Not all DEX platforms can display price history and crc20 token charts, ATH, ATL and daily volume accurately, of course this is an obstacle for traders trading on the DEX platform. How to find out the crc20 token price accurately? especially for tokens that haven’t been listed on coingecko/coinmarketcap or on the cex exchange?

The solution is to use “Bogged Finance”.


Coinex Token Analysis Made Easier

Bogged Finance is a dex aggregator platform, which allows users to accurately analyze prices, volumes and live charts, especially the coinex smart chain crc20 tokens. Even though the token is not yet listed on coingecko or cex exchange, you can analyze the token on bogged finance.

You can use bogged finance (URL= ) as a reference for the crc20 token that you are going to trade, This platform has quite complete features, not inferior to the features on the cex exchange.

Bogged Finance Chart Features : 

  • We can find out the daily volume (in 24 hours)
  • Knowing the total liquidity of the crc20 tokens that we trade
  • Know the total holders
  • Know the total market cap
  • Know the price chart accurately or live chart
  • Displays multi chart crc20 tokens

The Live Chart chart on bogged finance is almost the same as the cex exchange platform, you can change the indicator candles per 1/2/15/30/60 minutes 4/12/24 hours, and many other features.


There are many other features that you can use in bogged finance.

  • See the crc20 token trading history from our wallet
  • Create Bot Price for crc20 tokens
  • Creating Price Alerts for the tokens we trade (you must log in using Telegram)
  • See a list of token pairs that can be chosen for trading
  • Creating a multi chart view (but this is not available yet) may be available in the future
  • There are still many features that you can use in bogged finance

With the support of chart bogged finance, crc20 coinex smart chain token trading is easier, novice traders can use/analyse tokens easily and quickly. I am one of the traders who prefer trading on DEX exchange, because it is safer from hacking and full control is in our hands.

Trading on the dex exchange based on the coinex smart chain blockchain is very fun, when you place an order, the transaction will be executed quickly, only 3-5 seconds. For each trading transaction, you only spend around $ 0.001- $ 0.005 (in coins cet) to pay network fees on the coinex smart chain blockchain.

To trade on coinex blockchain-based dex, you have to use USDT (CRC20) or coinex CET coins, to get these tokens/coins, you can buy them on the Coinex Exchange.

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