NFT Marketplace on Coinex Smart Chain – How to Mint, Sell & Buy NFTs

The Coinex Smart Chain (CSC) ecosystem is now growing, many developers are starting to migrate to the CSC blockchain and build DApps there, the reason is because CSC has high speed, decentralized, super cheap tx fees and is compatible with EVM. After last year’s boom about DEFI, now in 2022 the boom about NFT and Metaverse, traders are not only buying and selling tokens, they are collecting NFTs like a collector collecting art or paintings.

Now on the Coinex Smart Chain blockchain platform the NFT Marketplace is available, it is the ‘MiniUtopia NFT Marketplace’, just like other NFT marketplaces, you can Mining, Selling and Buying NFTs in miniutopia with the payment method using coin CET (coin native coinex smart chain).

As you know, the trading volume of NFTs is now increasing, this is because NFTs have become a solution and become very popular, for example last year (2021) the trading volume of NFTs was more than 5 billion dollars and will continue to increase in 2022. NFTs is a Non Fungiable Token that cannot be traded on the ordinary exchange platform, because each NFT has its own uniqueness and different prices. NFT can be in the form of digital paintings, photos, animations, videos or game characters, and now NFT is also used in Metaverse and Gamefi DApps. The more widespread use of nft, it will make nft more popular and become an alternative to make money.


Minting, Sell & Buy NFT on Blockchain Coinex Smart Chain

In this article I will provide a tutorial on how to Minting (Upload), Buy and Sell NFTs on the Coinex Smart Chain blockchain network. To mint, buy and sell you need CET coins, you can buy CET on Coinex Exchange.


1. Prepare Wallet & Coin CET

You can use a metamask wallet or viawallet, but I recommend using metamask to make the process easier. Once you have a wallet, fill in your wallet address with some CET coins for minting NFT and Buying NFT on the miniUtopia platform.


2. Visit

miniUtopia NFT marketplace is the first NFT platform on the Coinex Smart Chain blockchain network, he is the first pioneer who will make the CSC blockchain shine even more. Just like the OpenSea platform, you can collect (buy), sell works at a price you set yourself and ask or upload your work, the most interesting thing is, you only need a gas fee of around $0.0075 for one transaction or upload, different if you use ethereum marketplace nft platform, you need a gas fee of around $45 to $75 for one nft transaction.


# Minting NFT (upload)

You can request (upload) your work or art in the form of an image, animation, music or video file and sell it at a price you like, you can also set the nft, whether there will be many copies or limited (only 1) it’s all up to you. Once you are on the website, link the miniutopia DApps with your wallet, click the ‘Connect MyWallet’ menu and approve the wallet.

Click the “Mint NFT” menu on the top right, on that page you need to enter metadata in the form of ‘title’ – ‘category’ – ‘description’ and upload your image/music/video.


If everything is filled in, click the “Mint NFT” button and confirm your wallet


# Sell NFT

Setting the NFT Price, After the Minting process is complete, please check the “My Assets” menu, click the NFT you want to sell and set the NFT price as desired. the price of nft that is selling in CET coins. Click the “Offer” button and do “confirm” in your wallet

After the transaction is confirmed, your NFT will be available for other people to buy, you just have to wait for the nft to be sold, after it is sold you will get CET coins.


# Buy NFT

Make sure you have prepared the CET coin according to the NFT price, I suggest your balance is more than the nft price to be purchased, because you need a gas fee to make a purchase transaction. Go to the “Explore” menu and select the NFT you want, after finding the NFT you like, click “buy item” and confirm in your wallet, the purchase process takes about 5-8 seconds, and you are only charged a transaction fee of $0.0075. After the purchase process is complete, the NFT will enter your account, please check on the coinex block explorer or check on the website in the “My Assets” menu


The NFT transaction process on the coinex smart chain network is very fast and very cheap, I’m sure you will be interested in trying it. Selling nft is a very fun thing, your work will be easier to sell and simpler, this can be passive income for creators or artists. good luck

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