Crypto Bear Market Continues? Keep Calm, Tips to Get Income in the CSC Ecosystem

The fall of the crypto market occurred in succession, starting from the most controversial, namely LUNA, hacking of several game and exchange platforms, and currently the FTX problem. These problems created a domino effect which caused many companies to go bankrupt and traders experienced liquidation or losses.

Now the king of crypto is at a price of $, this is frustrating for holders who have bought coins or altcoins at high prices. They are now in a dilemma position, because they have suffered huge losses.

How to get profit (income) in the midst of a falling crypto market? Calm ! in this article I will summarize the ways how to get income in the coinex smart chain ecosystem, which of course will increase income for those of you who are experiencing big losses. The following are alternatives that you can do besides token/coin trading.


1# Staking CET Coin

Do you have CET coins in large quantities? don’t just let it go, staking coins cet to get passive income. You can stake real coins on the ifpool staking platform (URL = . Even though the APR that is generated is not large, you will get passive income continuously as long as the coins are still staking at ifpool.

If you want to get bigger results, you have to stake a large amount of coin cet too, because the number of coins cet will affect the stake results. Stake in my opinion is really very profitable.

  • You profit from the stake
  • And get multiple profits in the future when the coin cet rises (eg to $ 1-$ 3 per cet)

Currently coin cet is still cheap, it has great potential to go to a new ATH, I personally really like staking coin cet in the coinex smart chain ecosystem.


2# Waterloan Finance Farming

Waterloan Finance (URL = is a defi farming platform that runs on the coinex smart chain blockchain, waterloan allows users to stake/farming token liquidity on their platform and get income in the form of IFT tokens.

APR farming in waterloan finance is quite large, this is suitable to be used as an alternative to get passive income, as long as your token liquidity is still staked on the waterloan platform, then you will get income continuously, as long as the waterloan platform is still operating.


3# Hold CET Coin

When the market is crashing, some altcoins also experience a very sharp price drop, this is an opportunity for us to buy these coins/tokens and keep them for a long time to get income.

Currently coin cet is priced at $ 0.04x , this price is quite stable while other cryptos have decreased by up to 98%. A cet coin has the potential to go to a new ath ($1-$3 per coin) when BTC returns to a previous or a new ath.

Buying cash coins and keeping them in a wallet for a long time is one of the solutions to get big profits in the future, because almost all coins that have a blockchain will definitely experience a sharp increase, it’s just that we have to wait and be patient for that moment. To buy coi cet, you can use the Coinex Exchange.


4# Become a Liquidity Provider

Providing liquidity in token pairs (DEX Exchange) can be a solution to get passive income, because every transaction in coinex token pairs will be charged a fee, and these costs will be shared with the “liquidity provider”.

For example, if you provide liquidity in the CET/USDT pair, then you will get income in the form of coins cet and usdt tokens, the amount of income depends on the percentage of your liquidity and trading volume in that pair. The more the number of your positions, the higher your income.


5# Liquidity Mining

The concept is almost similar to farming, but this is different, the liquidity mining provided by oneswap (URL = has a high apr. For example, if you stake ONE/USDT liquidity tokens, you will get an APR interest of around 105%. But liquidity mining has a limited time, the example runs for only 2-4 months, after that we can’t min anymore.

To re-participate in liquidity mining, we need to wait for a new round from oneswap, this option is quite interesting for users especially for me personally, the high interest given by oneswap will attract anyone to mining LP tokens on oneswap. when a new round opens, make sure you join mining on the platform, don’t miss it.


6# Bermain Game di Ekosistem Coinex

Are you a game lover? and want to make money from the games you play? Try playing blockchain-based games, especially the coinex smart chain blockchain. There are many play-to-earn games that you can play in the CSC ecosystem, by playing these games, you will get NFTs and Tokens, which you can later exchange into fiat money.

Some games in the coinex ecosystem that you can try:

  • Moniwar :
  • Cryptoblades :
  • ChainOfLegends :
  • BlockCombat :
  • ArcusGame :
  • ZetaArena :
  • CryberPop :
  • GalaticWar :

There are still many games in the coinex ecosystem which are currently under development, in the future you can play more games in the coinex smart chain ecosystem.


7# NFT Trading

Not only trading crc20 tokens can make money, trading nft (crc721) can also make money. You can use some of these nft marketplace platforms:

  • OneswapNFT :
  • Miniutopia :
  • BabylonsNFT :

With the NFT marketplace, we can buy and sell collection nfts that have the potential to increase, such as game character nfts or exclusive nfts or rare nfts. But maybe we need to wait for time or be patient, because nft trading is different from trading tokens which are executed very quickly, we have to wait for buyers to buy our nft on the marketplace.


8# Become a Validator on the Network CSC

If you have large capital, you can participate in the coinex smart chain network as a validator. What are the benefits of being a validator? we will get passive income in the form of coins cet, and this will generate continuously as long as the validator is online on the coinex network.

But to become a validator you need a server and a minimum of 10,000 cet, the coin cet will be locked in the validator’s wallet (the concept is almost similar to staking). The more cash coins that are staked in your validator, the more coins cash will be generated.


You can use the alternatives that I summarized above, to get additional income, at least this can heal your sad heart because of big losses (during a market crash). You can try the above with minimal capital, or immediately use large capital to get bigger profits.

Alif Fahmi

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