Coinex Launch Multi-Millions Dollars to Accelerate Coinex Smart Chain (CSC) Development

Decentralized applications (dApps) are applications that run on a blockchain network or peer-to-peer network. Dapps are developed for several purposes such as games, finance, social media, metaverse, defi, dex, wallet and many more. Dapps also have a non-centralized nature or often referred to as decentralized, dapps data and applications are usually stored on a blockchain network such as a coinex smart chain.

By using dapps, users do not need to submit personal information to use the functions of these dapps. this is the freedom that users crave without fear of having their personal data exposed. Coinex smart chain is a flexible blockchain platform for creating dApps, coinex smart chain provides the infrastructure needed for developers to focus their efforts on finding innovative uses for digital applications. This can enable rapid deployment of dApps across a wide range of industries including banking and finance, gaming, social media, and online shopping and the metaverse.

Coinex Smart Chain is a blockchain with high performance and good performance as well as evm support, recently CSC has opened its support to crypto developers or Dapps by preparing the “Multi-Million Dollar Supportive Plan” program. Anyone and from anywhere can build their Dapps on the coinex smart chain blockchain and get the support of the fund, as well as get media support.

Developers who build dapps on the coinex smart chain blockchain can apply for financial support to develop the project, as well as media support provided by CSC to promote the project, this is done by the coinex smart chain to develop an ecosystem on the CSC blockchain and more users will use the blockchain. With the accelerator fund from CSC, it will really help developers to develop their ideas in building Dapps.

There are several levels or categories that can get accelerator funds from csc, each level has different criteria and a different amount of fund support.

1. Regular Projects

– Level 1: For new projects from new developers
If you are a new developer building dapps, and want to place your dapps on the blockchain coinex smart chain, then you can get support in the range of $1,000 – $10,000

– Level 2: Developers with specific project experience and innovation in DApp technology and content
This level is specifically for developers who are advanced and have good innovations, at this level developers can get funds ranging from $10,000 – $50,000

– Level 3: Developer with mature project experience and outstanding innovation in DApp technology and content
Especially for developers who have mature project experience or already have a dapps project and want to move it to the coinex smart chain blockchain, this level also requires that the dapps that the developer builds is a good or new innovation. Funds prepared at this level are from $50,000 – $100,000


2. Projects with Strategic Cooperation

In this category, developers can get financial support on behalf of the coinex smart chain up to $200,000

Not only providing accelerator funds, the coinex smart chain will also provide a number of liquidity funds plus media support for several projects that are considered to have good quality and full of innovation. This support can be for Lending, DEX, Assets, Cross-Chain platforms. Derivations and Yield Aggregators

Coinex smart chain will also provide comprehensive ecological support provided to mature and quality projects, apart from funding and publicity support, in the form of:

  • Funding
  • Media
  • Community
  • Brand Reveal on Official Website
  • Priority Listing on Exchange (Issuance project): Fast Listing + Low/Zero Fees
  • Liquidity Mining Support (AMM)
  • Funds from ViaBTC Capital

With the financial support provided by Coinex Smart Chain, it will help the development of ecosystems and users on the CSC blockchain, and also help developers to make innovations on the CSC blockchain. All of this is the seriousness of CSC to increase and accelerate the adoption of the coinex smart chain blockchain blockchain.

For information and submitting funds to the coinex smart chain, you can use the following link

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