Babylons NFT Launchpad & Marketplace Now Support Blockchain Coinex Smart Chain is a multichain NFT Launchpad and Marketplace site, which allows users to upload (minting), buy, sell nft and fundraise on their launchpad platform. This month babylons has entered the coinex smart chain blockchain ecosystem by supporting coinex users to use the babylons platform. With the support of babylons for coinex, will add to the list of dapps specifically for the nft marketplace in the coinex smart chain ecosystem

Babylons supports coinex smart chain, is a breath of fresh air for users of the fastest and environmentally friendly network, because now users have many options to sell, buy and mint nft in the coinex ecosystem, even users can fundraising on the nft babylons launchpad.

Currently the nft marketplace platform is a place to get passive income, in a unique, easy and broad way. With the nft marketplace platform, the sale of digital works is unlimited, very broad and very free, regardless of race, age and place, anyone can start making money through the nft marketplace. By 2021, the trading volume of nft will reach $25 billion, this means that nft has entered our lives and has become the solution.


Get to know Bablylons NFT Launchpad & Marketplace Features
1# NFT Marketplace

Babylons nft marketplace has some unique features and strict requirements for creating collections. on that platform you can do nft minting :

  • Single : This feature is used for minting single nft, or only 1 item. this feature is almost the same as some other nft marketplaces.
  • Multiple : This feature allows users to mint multiple nft in one transaction, or you will create nft with more than one amount.
  • Mass Minting : Although this feature is not yet available, but this function is for minting nft with large quantities/items, if you are a developer you will definitely understand this function, its simple to combine several elements such as hair, background, nose, teeth, and so on to become NFT collections that are each unique and different.

Selling NFT: There are several options for selling nft in babylons, sale, action and offers, this is almost the same as other nft marketplaces, For buying and selling nft using CET coins coinex smart chain, to buy CET coins can be through Coinex Exchange.

Royalty: You can set directly, what percentage of royalty will you get when your nft is sold back, you can set when minting nft, the value starts from 0.1% to 40%.

Creating Collections: this feature is different from the others, if in other nft marketplaces you can freely create collections, permission less. But in Babylon you have to manually request to create a custom collection (you are required to verify).


2# NFT Launchpad

Unlike other nft marketplaces, in babylons you can do fundraising through the launchpad they provide, and you can also buy nft in several nft projects on launchpad babylons. This feature allows developers to easily raise funds through the babylons launchpad platform, users also easily get nft at low prices (on launchpad)


3# Game Space

Game Space is a special page created by babylons, to collect/display a collection of nft special games. On that page you can buy the nft games you want. NFT characters, weapons, elements and other NFT related games are available on this page.


4# Tools

Tooling Services, although this page is not yet available, but you can participate on that page, you can request additional tools you want, you can request via the google form they provide.


5# Token BABI

BABI is a token issued by the nft marketplace platform babylons, as of this writing, the babi price is around $0.017 per token. You can also stake babi tokens to get passive income. In short, when you stake babi tokens into the pool, you will get babi tokens with the apr amount determined by the developer, the more babi tokens you stake, the more results you will get.



The collaboration between babylons and coinex is a milestone in the development of the coinex smart chain blockchain, this collaboration will support the growth of the ecosystem on the fastest blockchain and support the EVM. Coinex smart chain users have many options to choose the dapps they want, And this collaboration will be beneficial for the coinex smart chain blockchain, because it will increase users on the blockchain.

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